Is it safe to travel and stay in Mexico?


Beautiful Town Excellent place to stay!

Go to Trip Advisor and see our reviews….You will want to stay with us!

Client review on Trip Advisor…..

We completely agree with all the very positive comments others have made here about Roberto’s. Jane, Earl and Cassy are perfect hosts, the bungalows and grounds are beautiful and accommodating, and the location is excellent, right in the middle of everything. We checked in for 3 days and stayed for a week. Very highly recommended!
A word on safety in Mexico. My husband and I just returned from nearly a month in Mexico, with a rented car and no itinerary. We wandered the Riveria Nayarit from San Blas to Puerto Vallarta with no problems or concerns. When we were planning our trip, many of our friends expressed worries about our safety and seemed sure we would be shot, if not sold into slavery. They probably watch too much TV. Throughout our fantastic vacation, we felt as safe as at home, and maybe more so. Even though we speak very little Spanish, we encountered only friendly, welcoming and helpful folks, and never for a moment felt the slightest discomfort, threat or danger. So tell your friends to take a hike, get on a plane and head for Nayarit. And don’t miss San Pancho, or Roberto’s!

Roberto´s Bungalows, San Pancho Vacation Rental´s are located in San Francisco (San Pancho) Riviera Nayarit, Mexico (25 miles North of Puerto Vallarta and a few miles north of Punta Mita, Litibu and five minutes from the famous surfing village of Sayulita. Just past San Pancho are Los De Marcos and La Penita. We are just a few minutes walk from one of the most beautiful beaches on the Riviera Nayarit Coast.

Enter into a private tranquil courtyard, where you are taken back to the Hacienda times of old Mexico to five beautiful rentals. They surround a beautiful lush tropical garden courtyard and large pool.

Our rentals kitchens are open to the tropical courtyard and have blinds for privacy. The large bedrooms and nice size bathrooms all have Air Conditioning and ceiling fans.

Our grounds are safe and very private with keyed entry. Each rental is fully equipped with all the amenities that you will need to enjoy your stay in paradise. Restaurants and everything you might need are minutes away. Roberto´s Bungalows would be perfect for private parties and small weddings.

Sit and chill by the pool in the tropical garden

Time to relax and leave your troubles behind….
Go to Trip Advisor and look up our Reviews…..You will be glad you stayed with us!

Earl and Jane Miller


Tropical Golf in San Pancho


Yes it’s true….. You can golf on a very beautiful course in

San Pancho

Las Huertas Gold and Beach Club. It was been a private course for a few years, but the years have produced a lush tropical paradise golf course. I am, or you could say I was a golfer in the states over the years and loved the game. I really love being surrounded by beautiful grass and trees and water and of course sand traps. I was invited by a couple staying at Roberto’s Bungalows here in San Pancho. It is almost like you have been swept away to a tropical Island golf paradise. I believe the cost is $40 american dollars and 11.50 for a cart. I will be on the course a lot more, so come on down or up and let’s do it!

It’s like the course is all yours!
From a few holes you can see the ocean
challenging shots


Beautiful fountains, and landscaping


San Pancho Piña is my name

They changed my name. I'm now Pineapple Boy!

They changed my name.
I’m now Pineapple Boy!

When I got here to San Pancho, Mexico fulltime three years ago I noticed that when I would introduce myself the locals from here would look at me funny. Well after a while I realized they were having a rough time with my name. When they would try to say my name Earl would come out EAAHHH and I decided to look for a change of name. I thought of changing it to Earaldo, because I met a man in town named Earl and he changed his to Earaldo. I thought  about it and i decided not to do it, because I didn’t like the way it sounded.
Well most of you know I wear Hawaiian shirts everyday and have for about 20 years. Many of my shirts have pineapples on them and some of the locals noticed, so a few started calling me Piña  and I liked it and it stuck and I have gotten real comfortable with it.  It seems that most of the locals will tell you what your name has been changed to. I guess if it’s a bad name they keep it amongst themselves and whisper it to each other and laugh. Gringos do seem to  get a nickname after they have been here for a while. My Brother in law is gran bigote which is large mustache and he does have a huge mustache.
It is really kind of an honor to pick up a new name in our new Country. When I go down the main street in the village I hear the young dudes yell out…..Hey Piña!! It makes me feel really great……Come on down to Mexico and stay a while and let us help you with your new nickname……Your going to love it! See you here at Riviera Nayarit, Mexico #sanpancho,

San Pancho’s Eva writes a cookbook


eva at book signing


Eva writes a cookbook and many from San Pancho show up to wish her well. last night at entre amigos there was a gathering of folks who were there to celebrate Eva’s new book. She was all smiles and there was a story that went with the cooking classes that became the now printed cookbook. Eva’s son was heading to college and he didn’t have a computer, so Eva decided to open her restaurant for people to come and learn how to cook what she had learned during her entire life. She was overwhelmed with the number of folks that showed up. Just after the fourth week she had enough money to pay for her sons computer. That was such a great feeling that now she decided she should put out the cookbook to raise the money to get married. Now the classes are in full swing and the book is doing well, so soon I believe she will be walking down the isle. With the biggest smile on her beautiful face. She has a restaurant right around the corner from and serves up some awesome food. Tell her Earl and Jane sent you.


Conrail Twitty


In my travels back and fourth to Benicia……the trains keep coming and I am learning so much. I thought the art was awesome and now I find out that the signatures of some of the taggers are famous also. I stumbled across this signing by Conrail Twitty and I shot a few pictures, so I came home and looked it up on Google.

Wow what a story this guy has, but he has since passed away. I am forever grateful that the art caught my eye and now I can spend some time learning about the history of tagging. Next time you are driving by a depot with many trains parked stop and get a look up close of some great art! brought to you by

Train Art By Earl MillerTrain Art By Earl MillerTrain Art By Earl MillerTrain Art By Earl MillerTrain Art By Earl MillerTrain Art By Earl Miller

Restaurant Margaritas punta mita

A great place for dinner on the water.  All the ribs you can eat at a great price.

A great place for dinner on the water.
All the ribs you can eat at a great price.

Margaritas is one of the restaurants on “Restaruant row” in Punta De Mita. Margaritas is a place you don’t want to miss if you dig ribs. Located on the Anclote beach. We were at the beach the night before in San Pancho up the coast about 20 minutes where we all live. A friend who was at the beach for the evening sunset was talking about “All the pork ribs you could eat and I and everyone else were all ears. I have been trying to watch my diet a bit, but all the ribs you can eat sent the diet out the window. Plus he said it was about thirteen bucks. We headed out and arrived around sunset….the skies were set with rain clouds in the distance, but the night was beautiful and the ocean was perfect.  We were seated right at the beach front just a few feet from the water and I was drooling thinking about the ribs.  In a short time the plates of Ribs came and  we were happy campers and there wasn’t much talking going on for a bit. We had a great time and the ribs were great and the conversation was a flash back to the 60’s which always makes me smile……..Just when we were done with dinner and headed back to the car it started to rain….couldn’t have been planned any better……Headed back to San Pancho to Roberto’s Bungalows.  Great night, great friends, great conversation, great food, great place…..All is good!

Hacienda Jalisco

A bed and breakfast you will remember for a lifetime!

Hacienda Jalisco A bed and breakfast you will remember for a lifetime!

Took a trip from San Pancho to San Sebastion up in the mountains…..what an experience….breath taking just walking and feeling the history all around the grounds ….Unbelievable history. The person who runs it is Joe Thompson and he is  a wealth of information that made the trip one of the best things I have done in many, many years….check out the site and read about the history…..Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton have a room named after them and John Houston also…they loved the place and so will you. …..I can’t even do any justice and try to explain the history and the awesomeness of the place….so please read about this place and if you decide to come down to see it…..Down here in Mexico….call me and maybe you can come to Roberto’sbungalows and stay before the trip……Earl 707-280-6366
Hacienda Jalisco
San Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco. Mexico
Phone: + 52 (322) 22 29638
Cel: 044 322 107 7007
Atencion en Español
Cel 044 322 139 23 89

Who let the dogs out?


Do Mexican dogs bark louder than American Dogs?

When we first got here to Riviera Nayarit MEXICO 10 Years ago I noticed a real large mangy dog population everywhere roaming the streets in all the villages along the ocean up the coast from Puerto Vallarta. Most of the dogs looked pretty much the same, small white dogs about a foot tall that had turned brown and black from the sandy streets. It seems as though someone came and dropped off about five dozen of the same looking dogs to each village up the coast then left (laughing).

Dogs here sleep in the streets and will not move when you drive down the streets in your car. I think it’s, because they party all night stay awake barking and running out in front of the Bungalow’s and all over town and down to the beach and by morning they are really tired. At the beach they act just like the tourists, as they are everywhere playing and swimming and they are having a blast.

I kind of liked the idea of a free for all dog World. We came from such an uptight dog world in the U.S. It is so different here than in the states where soon they will pass new laws where you have to have your dog on a leash even in your living room. Now that I have been here for a bunch of years things have changed. The dogs still run wild and it seems as though each and everyone in the villages joined in and got one or two new breeds of dogs for themselves, but I will say it seems that every dog has an owner.

If they pass a law like in the states about every dog needs to be on a leash…..I’m going to open a leash store and get rich. Lately our neighborhood has started to look like a summer spa retreat for dogs of every breed, as there are dogs everywhere. They are really not bothering anyone, but me. I can’t help it I just get a little (no a lot) irritated with all the barking. We got ourselves a bark fest day and night. I’m really not sure what they bark about, but they must be having fun. I actually think they know it irritates me.

We have a little tiny dog a few doors down that knows when the other big dogs that live right around Roberto’s Bungalow’s are locked in, because she comes around and taunts them through the gates and windows and up on their balcony’s with her little squeaky bark and then all hell breaks loose, as she is having the time of her life.

I was so excited to have some of my really good friends move in the neighborhood until I found out they were coming with two huge dogs with what I believe to be the loudest barking dogs in the village. I think one day I looked over on their deck and I saw both dogs standing on their back legs barking into megaphones pointed right at me.

If you measured the distance from their mouths from where they lay and bark all day and night to my pillow It’s probably only about twenty feet. It’s almost like they are in bed with me, so I wear ear plugs and many times put my pillow over my head, so I don’t go out of my mind. If I’m not mistaken I think they bark at every leaf that falls from the trees and vines and we live in the jungle.

Many nights you will find me on my front deck right out over the street below in my underpants half asleep with a flashlight that I bought, because someone told me dog’s don’t like bright light, so I bought one that was supposed to be 180 times brighter than any flashlight. It’s bright enough to see from my deck to the end of town, or maybe even all the way to Russia, so when the barking gets out of control I point it at the dogs next door and one goes and lays down (good dog) and the other looks at me and barks even louder and I think I can see him laughing at me. Maybe it’s time for U.S. laws here on the coast……..No -Not on your life….just going to go with the flow. I’m just going to look at it as real loud bad polka music