San Pancho Piña is my name

They changed my name. I'm now Pineapple Boy!

They changed my name.
I’m now Pineapple Boy!

When I got here to San Pancho, Mexico fulltime three years ago I noticed that when I would introduce myself the locals from here would look at me funny. Well after a while I realized they were having a rough time with my name. When they would try to say my name Earl would come out EAAHHH and I decided to look for a change of name. I thought of changing it to Earaldo, because I met a man in town named Earl and he changed his to Earaldo. I thought  about it and i decided not to do it, because I didn’t like the way it sounded.
Well most of you know I wear Hawaiian shirts everyday and have for about 20 years. Many of my shirts have pineapples on them and some of the locals noticed, so a few started calling me Piña  and I liked it and it stuck and I have gotten real comfortable with it.  It seems that most of the locals will tell you what your name has been changed to. I guess if it’s a bad name they keep it amongst themselves and whisper it to each other and laugh. Gringos do seem to  get a nickname after they have been here for a while. My Brother in law is gran bigote which is large mustache and he does have a huge mustache.
It is really kind of an honor to pick up a new name in our new Country. When I go down the main street in the village I hear the young dudes yell out…..Hey Piña!! It makes me feel really great……Come on down to Mexico and stay a while and let us help you with your new nickname……Your going to love it! See you here at Riviera Nayarit, Mexico #sanpancho,

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