Louder Barkers in Mexico?


The question I ask you is…

Do Mexican dogs bark louder than American Dogs because they can?

When we first got here to Riviera Nayarit MEXICO 15 Years ago I noticed a real large mangy dog population everywhere roaming the streets in all the villages along the ocean up the coast from Puerto Vallarta.

Most of the dogs looked pretty much the same, small white and about a foot and a half tall that had turned brown and black from the sandy dusty streets. It seems as though someone came and dropped off about three to four dozen of the same looking dogs to each village up the coast then left.

A lot of Dogs here sleep in the streets and will not move when you drive down the streets in your car. I think it’s, because the dogs party all night staying awake barking and running all over town and down to the beach and by morning they are really tired. Mornings are kinda quiet most of the time. At the beach they act just like the tourists, as they are everywhere playing, running and swimming and just having a blast.

I kind of like the idea of a free for all dog World. We came from such an uptight dog world in the U.S. It is so much different here than in the states. I’m sure the U.S. will soon pass new laws where you will have to have your dog on a leash even in your own home. Now that I have been here for a bunch of years things have changed. The dogs still run wild and it seems as though each and everyone in the village joined in and adopted one or got one or two new breeds of dogs for themselves, but I will say it seems that almost every dog has an owner.

If they pass a law here like in the states about every dog needs to be on a leash…..I’m going to open a leash store here in Mexico and get rich. Lately our neighborhood has started to look like a summer spa retreat for dogs of every breed, as there are people walking dogs everywhere. They are really not bothering anyone, but me. I can’t help it I have to tell the truth I just get a little (no a lot) irritated with all the barking.

We got ourselves a bark fest day and night. I’m really not sure what they bark about, but they must be having fun. I actually think they know it irritates me.

We have a little tiny dog a few doors down that doesn’t know she’s little. Every time a dog walks by she loses her mind. Then with her little squeaky bark all hell breaks loose, as she is having the time of her life.

One day I walked over to my neighbors a few houses down and I saw a couple dogs standing on their back legs barking into megaphones pointed right at me. Maybe it’s time for U.S. laws to start coming down here on the coast of Mexico.

No -No – No——-Not on your life….just going to go with the flow. I’m just going to imagine it as real loud bad disco music.

Love me a bunch of happy Mexican dogs.

A neighborhood dog
My dog Cassy

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