Restaurant Margaritas punta mita

A great place for dinner on the water.  All the ribs you can eat at a great price.

A great place for dinner on the water.
All the ribs you can eat at a great price.

Margaritas is one of the restaurants on “Restaruant row” in Punta De Mita. Margaritas is a place you don’t want to miss if you dig ribs. Located on the Anclote beach. We were at the beach the night before in San Pancho up the coast about 20 minutes where we all live. A friend who was at the beach for the evening sunset was talking about “All the pork ribs you could eat and I and everyone else were all ears. I have been trying to watch my diet a bit, but all the ribs you can eat sent the diet out the window. Plus he said it was about thirteen bucks. We headed out and arrived around sunset….the skies were set with rain clouds in the distance, but the night was beautiful and the ocean was perfect.  We were seated right at the beach front just a few feet from the water and I was drooling thinking about the ribs.  In a short time the plates of Ribs came and  we were happy campers and there wasn’t much talking going on for a bit. We had a great time and the ribs were great and the conversation was a flash back to the 60’s which always makes me smile……..Just when we were done with dinner and headed back to the car it started to rain….couldn’t have been planned any better……Headed back to San Pancho to Roberto’s Bungalows.  Great night, great friends, great conversation, great food, great place…..All is good!

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