Animal Woman


Animal Woman

So you’ve heard of Wonder Woman, Super Woman, Cat Women, Bat Woman, Spider Woman, Invisible Woman, but right here in San Pancho we have Animal Woman!

Well let me introduce you to San Pancho’s own Animal Woman. Many folks call her the turtle lady. Which is what she is known as here in the village. I believe we should call her Animal Woman, because she loves animals.

    This beautiful woman cares about every single living thing that is not human. I know she likes humans, but she likes animals much more. What she has focused on for the last 10 years here in the Jungle besides turtles is all living bugs, snakes, butterflies birds, whales, cats, dogs, bees, raccoons, spiders, crabs and anything else that breathes. 

    We met a long time ago and if you are lucky enough to meet her you realize that her whole world evolves around taking care of animals that are broken and those who have lost their families. 

    Today we stopped by the turtle sanctuary here in San Pancho to see if she knew what to do with a big nest of bees. We explained what the nest looked like and the kind of bees that were hanging out. She said don’t disturb them, as they are very necessary for our area. She said go home and we will be there soon. 

    She came by our home to gather up the bees nest that has been getting larger by the day and tons of bees. She and her friends successfully removed the nest and all the bees and brought them to their new home. (Anywhere but my house is good) Before I met her I would have sprayed them with Raid and then chopped down the nest and killed them all. I have changed, because of her. While she was here to get the bees she was walking by the pool and bent down and scooped up a little moth and she blew its wings dry and set it down in the sun and a few minutes later it flew away. Now I have started looking for bugs and moths that have landed in the pool. After drying them in the sun many of them fly away. 

    Last week I was driving by her on the road out to the jungle with a friend and she waved us to stop. She asked if we could do her a favor and as always I said maybe. I believe it’s not a good idea to say yes without finding out what the favor is, because I’ve had some pretty strange favors asked of me. She says will you take this snake and release it out in the jungle? Then she hands me a big jar with a towel draped over it. I look in the jar and there is a very pretty little snake (I don’t like snakes) and she says keep the towel over the jar, because the snake is really stressed out. She said please take it to the jungle and release it to its new home. 

    We drive off with the snake and release him or her into the wild. If anyone in the village has an animal that needs help she is the one they call. 

She is one of a kind and the whole village loves her! Animal Woman!

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