San Pancho Piña is my name

They changed my name. I'm now Pineapple Boy!

They changed my name.
I’m now Pineapple Boy!

When I got here to San Pancho, Mexico fulltime three years ago I noticed that when I would introduce myself the locals from here would look at me funny. Well after a while I realized they were having a rough time with my name. When they would try to say my name Earl would come out EAAHHH and I decided to look for a change of name. I thought of changing it to Earaldo, because I met a man in town named Earl and he changed his to Earaldo. I thought  about it and i decided not to do it, because I didn’t like the way it sounded.
Well most of you know I wear Hawaiian shirts everyday and have for about 20 years. Many of my shirts have pineapples on them and some of the locals noticed, so a few started calling me Piña  and I liked it and it stuck and I have gotten real comfortable with it.  It seems that most of the locals will tell you what your name has been changed to. I guess if it’s a bad name they keep it amongst themselves and whisper it to each other and laugh. Gringos do seem to  get a nickname after they have been here for a while. My Brother in law is gran bigote which is large mustache and he does have a huge mustache.
It is really kind of an honor to pick up a new name in our new Country. When I go down the main street in the village I hear the young dudes yell out…..Hey Piña!! It makes me feel really great……Come on down to Mexico and stay a while and let us help you with your new nickname……Your going to love it! See you here at Riviera Nayarit, Mexico #sanpancho,

San Pancho’s Eva writes a cookbook


eva at book signing


Eva writes a cookbook and many from San Pancho show up to wish her well. last night at entre amigos there was a gathering of folks who were there to celebrate Eva’s new book. She was all smiles and there was a story that went with the cooking classes that became the now printed cookbook. Eva’s son was heading to college and he didn’t have a computer, so Eva decided to open her restaurant for people to come and learn how to cook what she had learned during her entire life. She was overwhelmed with the number of folks that showed up. Just after the fourth week she had enough money to pay for her sons computer. That was such a great feeling that now she decided she should put out the cookbook to raise the money to get married. Now the classes are in full swing and the book is doing well, so soon I believe she will be walking down the isle. With the biggest smile on her beautiful face. She has a restaurant right around the corner from and serves up some awesome food. Tell her Earl and Jane sent you.