No Show!


What we didn’t see at

the movies! With a lesson well learned.

Jane and I decided to go to the movies today to see Bohemian rhapsody. We wanted to go to the new lush theatre (La Isla) in Puerto Vallarta.

We headed out very excited to order meals along with popcorn. I’ve been told that the seats are the most comfortable imaginable. The drive took about an hour which is always very scary….

Got to the Mall, parked and headed up to the theatre. We walk in and it looks awesome and they tell us when we get to our seats a waiter will bring us a menu. I’m very excited thinking about what I’m going to be eating when the Rock and roll starts.

The cost is $5.00 each, so I pull out my credit card, because I’m ready to order up some unhealthy snacks and dinner. The girl says Oh our system is down, so we can’t sell anything unless it’s cash. I can’t believe my ears…. We ask her where the ATM is and she says there isn’t one here at the mall. What? Are you kidding me? This is the most high end mall within hundreds of miles. NO ATM….

She tells us that just down the highway is another mall (about 1 mile) and they have an ATM in a local Irish bar. We are just totally blown away. We don’t want to get in the car and drive to the ATM. Well all this for nothing… Let’s go home… As we are leaving down the escalator Jane says “hey I have about $100.00 in U.S. Cash. We head back up the stairs to the theatre. We both are smiling from ear to ear thinking about red vines and popcorn and maybe some milk duds. We walk back in and real loud I say “problem solved and the clerks are smiling and we say…. We have a bunch of American cash… Both the clerks smiles went away and the lady says…. We’re so sorry… We don’t take American money.

We walk out totally defeated and decide to go home and try to forget why we drove a couple hours for absolutely nothing. And in the greater scheme of things…. we had a really great adventure and a real good lesson learned. Any time we spend together is a gift and usually learning a new lesson

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