Earl’s Tours around San Pancho


As the host, me, “Earl Miller”, will take the visitors on a personal golf cart tour of San Pancho. After a few hundred personal tours San Pancho Life and I have decided to bring it to everyone interested in a video tour. Many folks heading to San Pancho for their vacations can benefit from a visual show about where they are headed. We grabbed the video and jumped on the Big Red Roberto’s Bungalows golf cart. With the help of San Pancho Life‘s Drew and Sheri Hunt’s camera work and willingness to get a little crazy we took to the streets. We hope you like it and if you need a place to stay get in touch with www.lacasapina.com

A visual tour of San Pancho    https://youtu.be/X3uKb6hBioE

Taco Tour 1


Taco Tour 2                                      https://youtu.be/UTDijanClwU

Taco Tour 3                                      https://youtu.be/IFO7_Sfierg

San Pancho Grocery Tour            https://youtu.be/DhO2mfJ4RC8

Mural tour with Craig Downs.        https://youtu.be/PkqzG8_DCJ0

La Patrona Polo tour.         https://youtu.be/nzypOFypUSA

Circo De Los Ninos         https://youtu.be/bJDUJ-pj7oE

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