Pants on the ground, pants on the ground!
Vacation in the United States


Pants On The Ground American Idol – YouTube
Mar 26, 2010 – Uploaded by kiwi8589
Pants on the Ground song created by General Larry PLatt, spoofed by Jimmy Fallon as Neil …

Left Mexico went to Kansas for a week and landed in SF yesterday with my wife and my baby dog. Left Kansas and the flight was to San Diego. Lots of tans and good looking folks all in one enormous rush. The Place was packed and not many people making eye contact, as they were all on their electronic leashes. Some folks were talking on their phones as if the person they were talking to was only 100 yards away and without a megaphone. The need to yell I feel made them either feel very important or they just never looked around to see that they were annoying everyone within about a 20 yard perimeter.

When we landed we were going to get on the Bart train, and you know as well as I do that picking up someone at the SF airport on a Friday night at rush hour is a real sign of a saint, or someone who just thinks the loss of your friendship could be devastating. The trains seem a lot louder and shakier than they did a few years ago and my dog and myself felt our safety was in jeopardy at best! The look in (my dogs) eyes was probably the same look my wife was seeing in mine.

Living in Mexico is 500% more mellow compared to riding on the rapid transit system. The blend of all the different races riding is awesome and very worldly. I must say that I did have a preconceived idea that I threw out to my wife while on the plane ride and it was about the safety of traveling with all our belongings in our suitcases and riding with others. I really don’t have a fear factor myself, but traveling with my wife sometimes I feel like she just might say something to the wrong person and get my ass wooped for speaking her truth.

Well the ride was going along just fine and I was feeling like all my preconceived thoughts were way off track. Just when I felt like I think the world isn’t as bad as I think sometimes a lovely couple of sweet young men came through the doors of our train. I do believe they were put there for our entertainment. Both the young men had that certain style of clothing design that I believe was brought to the fashion world from the San Francisco Bay Area just a few years ago. Pants on the ground! That look would be wearing the pants down by their knees and their boxer shorts completely showing. The fashion does have a few drawbacks and the one that is real obvious is running from the police. Many folks think the crime rate is up, but truth be known the bad guys can’t run very fast and so many of the criminals just can’t get away from the police, so arrests are way up. I believe that style is fading, but some haven’t got the message.

Heroin is something I have seen deteriorate the soul of many and it was real apparent in these fine looking gentlemen. The one starts screaming about how he’s going home to whip his bitches ass for talking back to him and it’s time for her to learn some respect. Then he’s ranting about kicking peoples asses on the Bart train for not respecting him. Then he pulls out a black marker and starts writing on the walls and all over the seats. I was relived that it was a marker and not a knife. I look over at my wife and she is looking over at him and I know she is going to say something that should be said, but I will probably be killed, or my face drawn on. I put my face in front of hers so she didn’t have eye contact with the fine gentleman. I was sure she was going to say something or mean face him and I was a bit paranoid that he might take it wrong.

You could tell His station was coming up and it seemed like he really had much more to write so he was frantically writing. The doors opened and my families safety seemed to have been given a pardon. He jumped out and the feeling of safety came over all inside the car. I got up and did notice that after he had gotten off the train that while he was writing he had spelled more than a few words wrong. I would like to think that it must have been having to hurry up.

looking at the days events all in all it went very well and we got to our exit station safely. I went over the chain of events that had happened from the airport in Mexico, Kansas, San Diego, and San Francisco. When you have thousands of people around you who are pleasant and respectful it really is not that unusual to have a few who for some reason beyond our thoughts seem so different. I feel for the young men and pray that they stay safe and alive and that something will touch their lives and they will become men who carry the message to young men to not go down the same road.

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